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Ohhhh, I love this one!

Ohhhh, I love this one!

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STID Gag Reel [x]
Khan being all cutie.


STID Gag Reel [x]

Khan being all cutie.

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At yesterday’s TIFF screening, two grown men, seated on both sides of me, audibly cried like your little sister watching The Fault in Our Stars during one of The Imitation Game’s closing scenes. They lost it during a teary-eyed breakdown for Turing in which Cumberbatch shows why all of The Imitation Game’s early Oscar buzz is, for once, not just gun-jumping hyperbole. It’s the scene they’ll use—if the nod does happen—after his name gets announced in the Academy Awards broadcast. Years from now, it’s what we’ll all look back on as the moment when we all became Cumberbitches.
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As always, Italian magazines stand out to be a jumble of clichés, platitudes and superficiality.

Serena La Rosa wrote:

"His cheekbones are too high, his eyes are too small and he uses to dye his hair trying not to look like an alien!

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Audience have just been captivated by this chemistry [Sherlock and John], I think, particularly between Benedict and Martin. Can you talk a little bit about working with the pair of them and what you think make their bond on screen so very special? [x]

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