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Ohhh you, Ivy Blossom, you! Thanks!

I am literally in tears

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I always love how much Benedict is not Sherlock. What an alchemist you are dear Mr. Cumberbatch.

It’s all in the eyes; Sherlock is basically sad and damaged ( we all know why ;P ) and Benedict is a self- conscious, happy guy.

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This is hilarous!!!

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I heard you.

That just looks so right. 

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You. It’s always you Johnlock, you keep this Fandom right.

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You were enjoying it. Definitely enjoying it.

The Holmes Brothers, everyone!


John is just like “wait a minute”

Freud woud say: ” Ohh, everything is phallic and nothing hurts!”

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John in denial

  • Irene : "You jelous?" ( You are gay, John!)
  • John: " We're not a couple!" ( No, I'm not!)
  • Sherlock: "Sherlock is actually a girl's name." ( I am gay, John!)
  • John: " It's not!" ( No, You're not!)
I swear I will always be there

He’d die for John

He’d live for John

Oh, poor Sherlock
The most erotic scene ever

Oh, poor Sherlock

The most erotic scene ever

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Sherlock considered himself  “married to his work” but, at the end, he sacrificed it for John. He divorced it, because of John. And he didn’t ask John to do the same for him. He let Jonh to have the freedom to decide what to do in his life, because he loves him.